Let's get Dangerous!

Sitting in a room and watching Darkwing Duck. Someone remembers this series? I am waiting for someone to talk to and maybe to put an end to this restless and compulsive distractions.

dangerous stuff

Perhaps play a first person shooter? Talk about distracting…

So, feeling better after a few hours of pixel massacre you ask? Nope, only more of that freaking dark hole screaming back at me. No one awake to direct my blabbering at, they are sleeping and so should I.

Come on, at least the screens are still bright and shiny, they are never going away, ever!

Beautiful coldness starring me in the face and whispering in my ears how it loves me and wants me to get better.

Would I like that? I better should, then I wouldn’t have to type this gibberish right now and safe myself some trouble.

Fuck it, I am going to bed. Or drinking. Whatever.